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Managing patient chair time is the number one way to add revenue to your dental practice, but it can also harm your growth. That's why when you partner with Zircon Lab, you can feel confident about the dental restorations we provide. Send us your dental impressions, and we will handle the rest.

Consistent Excellent Quality

We specialize in high end Zirconia (Bruxer), Aesthetic High Translucent Full Zirconia Crowns for Anteriors, e.max, and implants.

Competitive Pricing

We provide you the highest quality, fastest delivery speed, and reasonable prices, ensuring we exceed your expectations; every time.

Expert Dental Technicians

Our dental lab technicians have Master Degrees in Dental Lab Technology from the world’s highest-rated dental universities.

Produced in USA

All of our restorations are 100% made in the USA and we are the only dental lab to have an unconditional, 100% lifetime warranty.


Now offering beautiful CAM/CAD temporaries for ONLY $29 per unit.

Why Pay More?

All Zirconia crowns are made using similar materials & milling technology.

There are many dental labs that provide inferior service at lower prices and many doctors are understandably skeptical. We want to prove to you that we can consistently deliver higher quality and better service compatible to labs charging a lot more (on average, many doctors who switched to Zircon Lab were able to save $10,000 – 20,000 per year).

Introductory Offer

Only Zircon Lab can offer you (3) free crown coupons to try us.

We are so confident that once you try Zircon Lab, you'll never work with another dental lab again. To demonstrate our high level of quality and service to you, we are offering 3 coupons to new customers ONLY for the first 3 crowns (Full Contour Zirconia (Bruxer), Aesthetic High Translucent Full Zirconia Crowns for Anteriors, e.max, or PFM) absolutely FREE.

FREE FedEx Inbound Shipping

Schedule your FedEx pickup or print your shipping label online, absolutely free.


First 12 months from first case After 12 Months
  Introductory Price Regular Price
Full Countour Zirconia (Bruxer) $45.60 (20% off) $57.00
Zirconia Translucent Anterior Multi Layered $55.20 (20% off) $69.00
e.max $65.70 (10% off) $73.00
PFM (N.P.) $53.10 (10% off) $59.00

STL Files Welcome

I like this lab. I've tried a lot. Probably a dozen locals, and at least a dozen out of town. They charge a reasonable price and the work is an excellent quality. I worked with a new assistant in my office last week. We cemented a zirconia crown from Zircon. I tried it in, no adjustments and the patient was out the door is 15 minutes total. My assistant was AMAZED. She told me at her old office, they would adjust the crowns for a half an hour every time. Not once has that happened since I started to use them. Great lab."
— Stephen Pericak DDS North Collins, NY

Vendors We Partner With

We can process 3D imaging impressions from most major companies, including: