Tired Of Your Current Dental Lab? Try Zircon Lab.

Are you tired of your current dental lab? At Zircon Lab, we are offering your first three crowns free with no strings attached!

Zircon Lab understands the importance of chair time and how frustrating it can be to work with a dental lab where nothing fits. That’s why your first three crowns are always free with Zircon Lab.

Zircon Lab strives to be the best quality and priced dental lab in the United States by always achieving the following in every case:

  • Having the Highest Quality Materials
  • Correct Contour and Anatomy
  • Accurate Occlusion
  • Accurate Contacts
  • Correct Shades
  • Precise Fit

Zircon Lab’s pricing structure includes:

  • Free overnight delivery to and from your office
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Lifetime, no questions asked, guarantee on all work

Zircon Lab - Pricing Structure 2020

We believe that to be successful in today’s economy, we must be able to provide products and services of world-class quality and yet also be able to offer them at very reasonable prices.

Having well-trained master technicians is essential. Our technicians are quality-oriented, artistically inclined, and ensure precision in every product aspect.

Every aspect of fabrication is an individual task, which requires training, thorough understanding, and exercise to achieve the level of quality and consistency of which we can be proud. 

We consistently stress the importance of carefully reading and understanding all of the instructions accompanying the case. We will not proceed until everything is crystal clear, and, if necessary, we will call you for clarification. 

Should you have any general instructions that you may want us to note – let us know in advance, and our computerized system will automatically print them every time we receive a case from you.

So if you’re tired of your current dental lab, try Zircon Lab for free

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Choose The Right Dental Lab, The First Time

    Zircon Lab, LLC specializes in high end Zirconia (Bruxer), Aesthetic High Translucent Full Zirconia Crowns for Anteriors, e.max, and implants. All of our restorations are 100% made in the USA and we are the only dental lab to have an unconditional, 100% lifetime warranty.

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