Patient Referrals – Grow Your Dental Practice

Marketing your dental practice can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the resources you already have – patient referrals.

Existing patients will always recommend a dental practice they love to their family, friends, and co-workers. Still, the key is to make certain all of your existing patients are happy and satisfied for them to do this for you and your practice.


Always let your patients know how much you appreciate them and reward them for their patient referrals. Place yourself in the shoes of a brand new patient; what are some things you would look for in a dental practice that you were visiting for the very first time?


Start with the waiting area; this should be an inviting, peaceful area. Talk with some of your existing patients and see what they would change about the waiting room. Remember, the waiting room is the first impression of your dental practice. The purpose of an inviting, peaceful waiting room is not to keep your patients waiting.


Make it your number one goal to always see patients at the time of their scheduled appointment. Patients should never wait for more than 10 minutes.


When seeing a patient for the first time, always introduce yourself and ask them questions to get to know them. For example: Do you have any big plans this weekend? Never get too personal at a first meeting; keep it simple and let the patient open up to you. This will allow you to feel the patient out and see how much they want to talk or not. Some patients will want to get the appointment over with and want nothing to do with “small talk.” Learn to read your patients, as every patient is different.


Make sure you never make your patients feel stupid or uncomfortable. There is no such thing as a silly question. Try your best not to call your patients out. About 50% of your patients will lie about flossing, so if the patient says they floss and you can tell they do not, then explain some tips to floss more accurately. Treat every patient the way you would want to be treated. Every patient should feel like the most crucial person in your office. If you and your staff are successful in making all of your existing patients 100% happy, then this will be your number one recourse for inexpensive marketing for your dental practice.

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