Bill Pay – How To Collect Outstanding Debts

It’s always best to encourage your patients to pay at the time of service. Many staff members can become nervous or uncomfortable when asking patients to pay their bill. 

Recruit The Right Staff

It would be best if you had someone with a strong and confident personality to get the payments at the time of service. It’sIt’s crucial to have a system that works in your office. 

Discuss Bill Charges Before Procedures

Communication is the key to getting your payments on time. Ensure your staff is explaining to the patient precisely what services they will be performing, how much everything will cost, and most importantly, confirm that the patient is accepting your treatment plan and prices.

  • For example, Your staff should never tell the patient they are due for x-rays and perform the service without confirming that they are comfortable with the extra expense.

Active Communication is Always Better Than Passive

Display signs in your waiting room explaining to the patients to please update any insurance changes pay at the time of service, or please prepay before your appointment is not acceptable. 

These signs will ultimately take away from the communication between your staff and your patients. Inform your patients what to do at their appointments. This is why you pay your team. 

Ask & You Shall Receive 

The most effective way to receive your payment is to have your staff ask for payment after rendered services. 

The staff member asking for the payment should always be prepared to present the bill to the patient and explain all services and costs. If the patient is unable to pay in full at the time of service, always have options for a payment plan ready to discuss in private with the patient. Remember, some payment is better than none, always try your best to accommodate the patient with affordable payment plans if necessary.

Offer Many Ways To Pay 

Always accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Make the process as convenient and straightforward as possible for the patient.

Protect Privacy

It is crucial to respect your patient’s privacy. Make sure your office allows complete privacy between your patient and your staff member asking for the payment. Have a staff member escort the patient to the front desk after their completed exam. 

It’s never easy to discuss money, but clear and direct communication will improve your dental office’s financial situation.

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